Aurora BoriEllas Roller Derby

Fresh Meat Intake 2018

September 12th and 21st at 7:00 at FloMac gym

Fresh Meat

This program will instruct and prepare new skaters to meet and exceed the Minimum Skill Requirements (‘Benchmarks’) as specified by ABERD. The overall goal is to equip new skaters will skills and knowledge needed to integrate safely and capably into regular league practices and be able to competitively skate with ABERD.

At the end of the program fresh meat skaters will have an opportunity to take the Minimum Skill Requirement Assessment. Skaters who pass for contact and safety will be integrated into regular league practices as a veteran player and/or referee.

The League operates with an open enrollment. Once all paperwork requirements are fulfilled and protective gear is obtained, new skaters will enter at “newbie status.” New skaters are subject to a ninety (90) day probationary period beginning with their first day of practice. During this time, the skater may be asked to leave by the Board of Directors or Coaching Staff if she exhibits behavior unbecoming to the League. Any monies paid at this point are non-refundable.

A skater will remain a newbie until the appropriate Training Committee assessment. She will work in practice towards passing the written and skills tests that will help determine her participation in League bouts. During this time she is expected to meet attendance and skating member requirements.

In order to be eligible to scrimmage during practice, the skater must pay insurance, and be cleared to scrimmage by the coach.

A newbie is required to start paying dues after her first month of participating in practice, in accordance with the Member Dues requirements, regardless of whether she is eligible to bout. At this time, the skater will be required to participate in the Member Contribution Hours and join a committee. Her official membership status will not begin until her dues and CRDi insurance are paid. For the purpose of attendance calculations, the skater’s official start date will be the first day the newbie skates at practice.

A newbie may select a roller derby name to be registered on the National Roster and purchase an official team jersey only after being actively in the league for 3 months, passing the written and physical skills tests, and becoming an official member.