Aurora BoriEllas Roller Derby

Officials/ NSO


Members of ABERD acting in the capacity of an official shall meet the same requirements as regular skating members as well as sign and adopt the Referee Code of Conduct as their model of conduct.

Referee responsibilities include:

- Work with bout coordinator to set up a track for bouts, establish a 10 foot safety zone and organize scorekeeper/penalty/player benches at bouts;

- Work with coaches, other officials (including NSOs) and skaters on WFDTA rules and testing;

- Ensure on track safety of all skaters during a bout or scrimmage.

- Provide players and coaches with up- to -date rules and changes to WFTDA rules;

- Provide and keep bout statistics;

- Maintain bout and officiating supplies;

- Follow the directives of the Referee Coordinator and Referee Code of Conduct.

NSO (Non Skater/ Volunteers)

Shall be members of ABERD that pay a yearly membership fee to be part of the association. Ancillary members shall have all the privileges of active members. Ancillary members are those that do not skate or officiate but may hold a board member position.

Non-Skater/Volunteers have the option of serving the league at no cost but cannot have voting privileges. To have voting privileges they must pay the annual Non Skater/Volunteer dues

If you would like to become an offical or an NSO please contact us at