Aurora BoriEllas Roller Derby

Skating Members

Shall be persons who belong to ABERD and are an active player. Refs, coaches, NSOs, etc who actively play on a ABERD team are deemed to be a skating member.


- Female

- 18 years of age or older

- Meet attendance requirements (See Skater Attendance Policy)

- Attend League meetings (not attending may result in less play time)

Maintain financial responsibilities:

Monthly membership dues @ $50 per month
 Annual CRDi insurance approximately $50 per year
Purchase 2 jerseys if necessary
Purchase and care of equipment
Bout Expense

Fees, travel and lodging

- Quad skates, approved helmet, hard shell knee and elbow pads, wrist guards and mouth guards

- Optional items: Padded shorts, shin guards, knee or ankle supports, tail bone protectors, or other safety equipment that does not interfere with play or the safety of other skaters may be used at the individual’s discretion.

Active member rights and privileges: Active members may vote, hold office and avail themselves of all opportunities offered by ABERD. Members will sign all waivers and agree to adopt the ABERD Code of Ethics as their personal model of professional conduct. They must also work toward meeting the ABERD minimum benchmark skill requirements, show a working knowledge of the rules of roller derby and pay for all personal equipment.